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Pension stable

The horses are situated in light stables from 3 by 3,5 meters. Every box has a automatic and heated drinking system and a large feeding bucked. The horses can look inside of the stable by a opening in the front door. This opening can be closed if necessary.

The boxes with straw are cleaned and get new straw every day. The boxes with flax are cleaned two times a day and get every week new flax. The horses get brok and hay/grass silage several times a day. The following schedule shows the exact feeding times.

Daily exercise
The horses go every day outside in the mill, paddock and/or field. This is depending of the wish from the horse and his owner. This daily exercise is included in the price. The horses can go together ore alone in the mill, paddock or field.


Prijslijst 2018
Stal C.M. Equifrance
Diensten Prijs per maand/keer
Pensionstalling, halfpension € 210,00
Pensionstalling, volpension inclusief molendienst € 350,00
Opfok € 150,00
Box met uitloop, meerprijs € 15,00
Box met buitenluik, meerprijs € 15,00
Molenabonnement (maandag t/m vrijdag) € 25,00
Molen los per keer € 2,00
Eigen weide € 15,00
Trailerstalling € 10,00
Huur 1½ paardentrailer € 15,00
Dressuurinstructie Mariette 1 combinatie € 20,00
Dressuurinstructie Mariette 2 combinaties* € 25,00
Springinstructie Christopher 1 combinatie € 20,00
Springinstructie Christopher 2 combinaties € 25,00
Groepsles** € 7,50
Rijden paard € 20,00
Longeren paard € 10,00
Uitmesten halfpensionbox € 4,00
*Het is mogelijk om gezamenlijk 60 minuten te rijden of apart van elkaar 30 minuten aaneengesloten.
**Voor de groepsles dienen er minimaal 3 combinaties mee te rijden.